I Love You + No Strings Attached

Christmas is only a few hours away unless you live somewhere different it could possibly be only a few hours away. For many this is a dreaded day of memories that make going through another holiday more difficult than many of us can relate to today. It is said that more tragedies occur during the Holliday season more than any other day. Possibly because that day was not a memory that anyone would want to relive.

My heart goes out to the families who last year lost someone special – – and not having them today to share the season makes it even harder. What if this year you experienced a relationship that ended – – and even now as you attempt to wonder why it all happened only makes you cry more. How could anyone want to experience this thing called love and then to loose it or painfully have it ripped from your hands… why God, why?

The Bible tells us two specific stories about a babe that was born in a stable with animals and all the filth that goes in a barn, a child who was to change the shape of the world that was heading toward chaos, and this little one was the only answer to all the problems that were going no where fast. Why was a miracle child born in a manger? Why not in the best hospital in the world and delivered by the best obstetrician that money could purchase? Would the religious leaders believe then he was a King… when the Bethlehem Gazette published the first baby born on Christmas Day?

And the other story of a carpenter’s son whose dad was employed by the best DIY company was teaching about loving one another and that His Father loved them so much that he sent Him to tell the stories. His own family mocked him, because He was only a carpenter son. But his mother was someone who was told by angelic beings that she was an honored mother who would be conceived not by a man, but the Spirit of God. Her soon to be husband didn’t like news of her pregnancy either, but after much prayer and thought this carpenter son would be hated, despised and tortured and crucified for stating He was the Messiah.

Still today the world and “we” look for love in all the wrong places with so many possible choices to make, why do many of them lead to the wrong ones versus the right ones? Perhaps that is why they say it is better to experience love than never experience it all. These two stories both relate to love.

One a Birth of a child who would be born in a manger, this child who was given up as His only child.

And a Death of a person who would take on all the sins of mankind to rekindle a relationship with a Creator.

Both with reasons for – – LOVE. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that none should perish, and that all would have everlasting life.” John 3:16 Was it enough? And if so why over 2000 years later is love not more valued, chased after, and pursued? Why is it that relationships have no commitment efforts and why people would rather not commit to one another for fear that it perhaps would not work out.

Today this holiday season there is still a chance for love to work out if we were willing to put more effort. It may require that you forgive another time, than walk away from something that you possibly could not replace. I have made many mistakes, and will admit that life requires all of us to be responsible for our actions of love. They are reminders of all the challenges and the value to do it all over again, possibly with a better attitude and commitment to go the whole journey not just to the first detour that was available.

God sent His only Son to make a difference in the world. He knew there was going to be a lot of them (us) that would not believe the stories and accept the gift with no strings attached to have a new relationship withHim. He didn’t say there wouldn’t be losers or individuals who would not hurt us, or run away when things got tough? He just promised He would be there and never leave us ever.

I remember this story a few Christmases ago. My wife told me to go and give a man a twenty dollar bill who was in the parking lot. We both knew the man, and I took the twenty dollar bill and attempted to give it to the man. He replied, “I cannot take it, as I will have to pay it back.” I advised him, that he would owe me nothing, and he said to me “why would I not have to pay it back?” I was getting more frustrated and then replied, “God told my wife to give you this money, and it is a gift from God – – no strings attached!”

I finally convinced Him as he looked at the bill and then shoved it in his pocket. I heard him yell at me as I went back into the store, “Hey mister, Merry Christmas.” I smiled and thought it sure is difficult to give something away free these days.

I hope if you are reading this blog, you will consider what you can give away free with no strings attached. Love doesn’t cost anything other than a willingness to trust that someone will love back in response. Yea, it has the potential to be risky, but it is possibly because you need to be loved. God promised no strings attached and a lifetime with Him.

Consider listening to this Christmas song as you think who you could share your love with – – no strings attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4_7eoTT0gA

Author: ltcduke

I am a retired Army Officer with 30 years service. I am a man who has been saved by grace, and understands that without God --we can do nothing. I have surrendered my life to follow Him and be used by Him to bring others into his presence as he directs. I surrender my heart, hands and feet to his purpose, I have gotten out of the boat to follow Him....hope others will come too.

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