Ready to get back in the race?

Dream I had today

I am on this journey to walk with Him. I must carry my sword (word) and share all the stories with others how He wants to meet all of them. You see this man they called Jesus was on a journey walking to meet all of us to be on this journey together till we finally get home and spend eternity with Him.

We will have distractions that keep us from finishing the journey but He reminds me of a promise that He will never leave us and others will come along with us as we travel this journey together with Him. This journey will have struggles but when I trust in Him the journey will lead to something special that is designed for all of us , that He calls as friends.

It is important that we all get up and encourage others to get their walking sticks and the word to share the stories He told the disciples. These stories will remind all that we meet on the road how much He loves you. You may have went through some tuff things, but He reminds us that in this journey together, we will face many obstacles, but His word is and always will be good for us no matter what we face. He is with us all the way till we get home.

Don’t be discouraged wherever you may be today, but allow the Holy Spirit to get you back in the right direction. Pick up your walking stick and remember all the words He shares on your journey. Write each of them down to remind you that He is faithful to every one of us. The journey will have difficult spots but that will only remind you He will take us through anything because He is greater than any difficult situation that we face. “ Greater is He that is in us, than that is in the world.”

Friend it may be time to remind yourself and others that we have been tasked to get all that will listen that no matter how or where we might be, it is time today to get on the straight and narrow road to encourage and help others to not wait till they get better, or be fixed; because He has always accepted others the way they were like the woman He met at the well, He was not interested in her situation but interested in getting in the right direction. She knew that only the Messiah knew of where she was and He didn’t condemn her, He assured her that He would provide living water for her to get back on the journey.

The woman that was suffering with a terrible disease. She seen all the doctors and spent all her money and if she only get one touch of Him, she would be made whole and she would be able to share with others that she had touched Him and be made whole. Her story reminds us that no disease is to difficult for Him, perhaps you or others you know may need a touch to be made whole. He my friend is no different today than He was yesterday or thousands of days before. He still cares and everyone that confronted Him was denied.

It is time to capture the promise He told everyone that we could believe and touch anyone to be made whole in His name Jesus. We need to know that there is and never will be to difficult for Him. Share His love, share with others what He has done for you. Your stories are testimony of His faithfulness. We have the ability to share the love of this person who has prepared each one of us a journey to share each and every day that we don’t have to loose hope, because the price has been paid for every sin, mistake and wrong decision to a straight and narrow road for each one of us to follow.

There will be many who will want to discourage each one of us from traveling this journey, but there have been many others who have followed it and when you feel something or someone to not loose hope they are the ones who have finished the race and encouraging us to not loose hope, what we have been told is true and in just a little while we will see the end of our journey, and we to will be able to be together.

It is never to late to get back in the race. But only you can decide to get up and help others back in the right direction. Please tell them your story and help them to get in the race to heaven. We all need to encourage everyone that it is still not to late to get in the right direction. But if we knew only how close this journey will end, we would all be willing to run to the end…but perhaps there is one person who needs your help. Don’t loose hope in helping like the Good Samaritan did on his journey.

It is your choice and no one else’s to get in the right direction and help anyone who needs help. That is what He wants us to do. He will provide everything that is needed and awaits for anyone to travel to the end of this journey with Him. Don’t quit, get discouraged or say there is no hope. Hope is no further away, than just a shut away.

I have made my decision to get back on the road to help and encourage anyone I meet. Beware there will be many things that you will face, but don’t loose hope as my friend Jesus is just a shout away from running to meet you, i pray that you my friend will get back in the race to the end.