Description: A portion of the Lord’s prayer from the book of Matthew has caused me to see an elighqment many of us may not sense or see greater possibilities we can be digging in deeper in our prayer closets.

Verse: Your kingdom come. Your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10

All of us have learned the Lord’s Prayer, perhaps in our youth and perhaps later in life. It really doesn’t matter for this note, but perhaps this message will cause you to seek God in a different manner as you think about verse 10 in this very often quoted prayer. Bill Johnson’s book, “When Heaven Invades Earth,” is an eye opening book that challenges every reader to grasp this statement from the author:

Heaven invades earth when there is an agreement here (on earth) to what exists there (heaven). “” Bill Johnson

It was eye opening that not when I seek the kingdom of God first, all the other things will be added into my life (Matthew 6:33), but God desires for all of us to have knowledge of heaven on earth, before He takes us home. This is a good prayer time in all of our closets to seek a deeper revelation of verse ten today to see His will on earth as it truly is in heaven with Him.

When we seek heaven to come to our level of thinking, it is possible to seek heaven to be part of our life here on earth. I have sensed God closer in my prayers when I know heaven is all around me. Have you ever grasped this thought? If heaven is all around you what can penetrate your surroundings? Is it possible for evil to exists where good is all abound?

“If I accept only good things can exists in heaven, (because God is boss) and evil cannot coexist, then if heaven is near me than evil cannot be present and only God’s best can operate. Good thought to write down and ponder.”

(This could be a great word to have in places where you can get this thought in your heart, BECAUSE it is God’s will.)

  1. Just imagine sickness cannot exists where heaven is located.
  2. Just imagine anger cannot exists where heaven is located.
  3. Just imagine hunger cannot exists where heaven is located.
  4. Just imagine poverty cannot exists where heaven is located.
  5. Just imagine violence cannot exists where heaven is located.

I am certain that you are all saying, sure only in heaven this is real and that is why we all look forward to go to heaven. RIGHT? But all the topics I mentioned above will not be in heaven because of only one word – – LOVE. So if we were all obedient in the one thing that Jesus said before he went back to heaven.

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” John 13:34

If love was prevalent in this world, the famous song “We are the World,” would be a true testimony that we got a true grasp of the commandment to love one another. There is a deeper wealth in studying this command in loving one another that would cause all of us to crying for God’s forgiveness from the top down. None of us should be excluded from the simple task to loving one another. Think about it, work would be a greater place to go and the boss would be whistling happy songs instead of gloom and despair!

Today think about what heaven would be like of the first floor of heaven was transferred to your current location. It may not possibly change your surroundings, but it is just possible it could open doors to better moments and better days ahead, BECAUSE it is God’s will for us to experience heaven here on earth, and POSSIBLY make it easier to LOVE one another better!

The word is alive and USEFUL only if we allow it to apply in every aspect in our lives. Sounds crazy, but I am praying for it in my world, and I am certain there is enough of God and HEAVEN for all of us. Just think if everyone was singing:



My oh my, what a wonderful day

Plenty of sunshine heading my way



We all would have a WONDERFUL DAY, and it is just possible if we would grasp that we could bring a piece of the floor of heaven to our world. God bless.

Author: ltcduke

I am a retired Army Officer with 30 years service. I am a man who has been saved by grace, and understands that without God --we can do nothing. I have surrendered my life to follow Him and be used by Him to bring others into his presence as he directs. I surrender my heart, hands and feet to his purpose, I have gotten out of the boat to follow Him....hope others will come too.

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