Celebrate And Keep The Story Going



DESCRIPTION: Everyone loves to celebrate, but the truth of the matter is not everyone wants to celebrate what you see worth celebrating- – but it could be a personal celebration.

VERSE; He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Matthew 28:6

I hear cries outside, wait let me go and look and see what all the excitement is about. I went to my door and seen people gathering and there appeared that there was two different groups of people on the streets. Some that seem excited and some that were horribly upset. I thought for a moment before entering the streets, “Should I subject myself to what the quarreling was about?”

I opened the door slowly when I heard the debate amongst the two groups. “Our Savior has risen just like He said would, Praise be to God!” And others seems to be screaming their own proclamation. “There is no real proof, some of His disciples stole Him from the grave to make us all believe this story, liars all of you are liars!” Both parties seemed to only want to express their sides of the news, while others kept to themselves whispering to one another.

I hurried back inside wondering which party had the real facts and why one not believe the other, or was it really true the Messiah young man I mentioned the other day actually was risen from the grave, and that is the real reason for excitement from all the Christians this Easter holiday. It was obvious there was as much disappointment from half the crowd, as they were not excited that the words of the Messiah were true as He said or at least physically, it was true, that is if you don’t believe that the disciples removed His body. Why would they do that? Only a few of them actually was present at the cross of His death. Why would they come out of hiding now? Embarrassed or just trying to make a good front of their friend.

I mean I would have done something to help my friend, if I believed in Him. That would make sense why the others were excited. Wait I hear some women now talking out side. “We saw Him, we sawJesus outside the tomb. He told us to gather the disciples and He would meet them here real soon. Wow, if I doubted the story before, this seems like great facts. The women didn’t seem to want to influence the angry mob, but the others seem to quickly leave outside.

I doubt I would have access to where the group was rushing but decided I wanted to hear for myself. I quickly followed them as they went upstairs to a room. I made sure I was not seen and kept in the background and followed them into the house. They all were whispering to one another when all of a sudden a bright light entered the room, and there before my own eyes was this young man they called Jesus. He sat down in the front of the room as everyone immediately went up to Him and shared his hand and embraced the friend that they all thought had died, but now lived. Wow I was getting chills on my hands. But wait another man has entered the room, they say his name was Thomas.

Jesus looked up all of a sudden, and then says to Thomas, “ Please place your hands in the palm of my hand and feel the nail prints, and my side where they pierced me.” The man came up cautiously, and did exactly what was requested and then fell to his knees embracing with belief what he was now seeing. I too, saw the excitement and in just a second it seemed that Jesus was looking at me and I heard Him ask me, “Choose what you want to believe, it is your choice.”

I quickly ran out of the room when I didn’t want to become a spectacle or get into any trouble. As I got out of the room and was walking down the street, the question that I was just asked, “choose what you want to believe, it is your choice.” Quickly transformed me back into my familiar room with my opposition asking, “What is so difficult of the question? It really is an easy question.” I thought to myself as I followed this story, it was but the sense of urgency became more important to “Why and why now was it important.”

Then I remembered one of the other statements I had heard earlier. “He come that all might be saved, and none would be lost, and have life eternally.” It started to make sense that every one of us could profit by this story, this person and this death. It was a win-win for all of us. I turned around and said to my opponent, “I choose Him.” And my opposition replied, “great choice, you win.”

It seemed all the importance of choice was over, but when I thought the big decision was over, I was asked one more question, “Will you convince your friends and the rest of the world, to choose Me?” Immediately Jesus comes out in front of me and says, “I did it for all of you, please help them choose me, so no one will perish, and everyone will have the same chance to be with me in heaven, just like the man who was crucified with me on Friday.”

Author: ltcduke

I am a retired Army Officer with 30 years service. I am a man who has been saved by grace, and understands that without God --we can do nothing. I have surrendered my life to follow Him and be used by Him to bring others into his presence as he directs. I surrender my heart, hands and feet to his purpose, I have gotten out of the boat to follow Him....hope others will come too.

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