Life Without God

Description: Without God is it possible to exist and if God does exist what advantages do I have in this life?

Verse: Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. Philippians 4:13

Everyday I am challenged with reality if I can do life all by myself. I have learned from my childhood, I could not do anything without the help of my parents. When I left home and I was in charge of my life and my decisions, it became real that life would have new challenges and my mistakes would not be handled by father as they were when I was a child. I was now the man and responsible for every detail of my life.

When I attended college and started to learn what the words meant in the Bible and that it was now my choice to decide what direction I would choose, and I would be held accountable for my decisions — and when this life would end –I would be held accountable for EVERYTHING in front of God.

It is easy to judge others and pay attention to their faults and their decisions to take the attention off my life. I am certain we all have done this –I will admit I have because something deep inside of me reminded me I had my own problems. Really I believe the person who is pointing out my faults — really is crying out for help with the struggles in their lives. 

Our verse today reminds us that no matter what the battle is that we face –can be conquered with God in front of me, beside me and behind me. I doubt that God will be behind me, as He wants us to accept and understand that without Him will be pointless. He is at our aide and promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

I am confident from my journey without God would have had so much more value with His direction and His wisdom for every situation. Just as I trusted my parents for the wisdom as I was growing up –I need God’s instructions to have the life He wants for me. And without Him –I may have experiences and pitfalls without instructions from the One who understands and sees everything all around us.

I can do anything — with His help and His wisdom. Life is not meant to be with regrets, but with the assurance that with God beside me, life will have better opportunities and straighter roads. Sure anyone will be willing to say I can do life without God — but if God gave them a small glimpse of the current road they travel without Him, and the road with Him; I am certain our choice would be to travel the better road.

I want to gain and enjoy all that God has for me in this life, because He loves me and always wants the BEST for me everyday. But it is my choice and no one else, if I want to walk with Him and allow Him to direct my pathway in this life. It doesn’t matter where you are in this journey — as long as He walking with you. Today may be the day you feel you are tired of the road you are traveling and want a new direction. I choose to have a life with God –what do you want to do? It is as simple as stopping and asking for directions.

Prayer: I am thankful that you are involved in my life. God help me to see your desires for my life, and those desires become directed to your divine will. I have learned without you life is pointless and with you life has more meaning. Amen