I Need To Talk To You God


Description: The Lord Christ invites us to come to him in all circumstances, with our supplications and requests.

Verse: And how bold and free we then become in his presence, freely asking according to his will, sure that he’s listening. 1 John5:14 – MSG

Many times I attempt to do things on my own efforts. I recall looking at some of the blunders I did as a teenager, and most of the time just hoping I would never get caught by anyone — specifically my parents. But I have learned to realize that the person I was never considering was God.

I wonder why, because every Sunday as a kid I always felt convicted of what I had done wrong, and asked God before I left the pew I was sitting in, “God please forgive me for all the dumb stupid mistakes I made this week. Amen” I don’t recall ever asking God to help me from doing what I was doing wrong, that would have made things better.

The real relationship that God wants with us now whether we are a kid or grown up is a relationship that has some authentic communications continuously, and not only when things are going wrong or when I am desperately need something. The things that God does for us that we seem to forget, we somehow never seem to thank Him, until we value what we have in this life.

Here is a few examples.

“God I am thankful for the air that is clean that you allow me to breathe free today.”

“God I am thankful for the feet that you gave me to walk on today and enjoy seeing the wonderful things with the eyes that you gave me.”

“God I am thankful for the ability to hear things clearly so when presented dangerous sounds I can protect myself.”

Sure, you can say that is nothing, but what about the person who is blind and will never see anything ever in this life? What about the person who will be in a wheelchair everyday? What about the person who will always have to depend on others to help them in this life — we do have a lot of things to be thankful for everyday.

God is interested in everything in your life. Maybe your studies have been difficult, and you need just one grade to be a bit higher. God is interested in everything! What about the difficult job or maybe you’re having a problem in a relationship- – God is interested in your problems.

We have the ability to talk to God anytime about any situation. I am certain that if I would have talked to God and my earthly father, I wouldn’t have possibly done some of the things I regret, but thankful that many past and current conversations with both have me on the better road ahead.

So if life is troubling you, how long has it been you talked with Dad? He is always available and willing to listen to your situations. The verse tells us today we can come boldly to Him without any fear…and when we understand that God’s intentions for us are –good.

Prayer: Lord forgive us for all the times to travel this road all by ourselves. That was never your intention to let us fight this life alone. But, today for the kid that is struggling in school, please help them with more wisdom and possibly other things that are keeping them from being the student you called them to be.For the single mom trying to do it all by herself and take care of kids, help her with strength and blessings of full cupboards. Finally Lord for anyone us who just hasn’t talked to you in along time, turn the candle light on real bright and whisper their name a bit louder to make the night better than the day. All this I ask in your name Jesus. Amen

Loving You Is Easy

To: Those Needing to Know God Loves them more.


Description: In a few days the world will go out of their way to demonstrate to the special people in their life- – they love them.

Verse: So I will very gladly spend for you everything I have and expend myself as well. If I love you more, will you love me less? 2 Corinthians 12:15 (NLT)

In the Bible is a love story that many miss. In the Old Testament is a book of Solomon. As the man shares his story of his love it does not leave out any details of his adoration. And the woman goes to great length to share her feelings and how she adorns herself for the man she loves.

In this life there is many that say that it is better to have loved than not to love at all. I would agree with them…I would have to say I wish I would have made better choices, so perhaps I wouldn’t have been hurt or I wouldn’t have hurt someone in the act of love.

So why do people get married? Emotional reasons are the most noticeable reason for people to get married. The companionship, romance, and love a couple shares can compel them to make the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. … Couples should carefully examine their emotional motivation for marriage before they commit to their I do’s.

Here is some facts that might encourage you or cause you to really treasure your love this Valentine’s Day.

Question: How many divorces occur everyday?

* 1 Divorce every 36 seconds
* 2,400 Divorces per day
* 16,800 Divorces every week
* 876,000 divorces annually

Question: How many marriages occur everyday?

+ 6,200 weddings everyday
+ 2.3 Million Every Year

Top month of marriages performed in June 10%
February although noted for Valentines Day 7%

Top Location for Marriage Istanbul, Turkey 166,000 annually
Second Location Las Vegas 114,000 annually

Love is in the air, but anger many times surrounds this love and cripples the initial meaning we fell in love with the most wonderful person in the world. But, why do we hear statements of the such, “I fell out of love with them, it’s not the same anymore.” Today love in Vegas is fun and memorable but perhaps for others a crap game where the numbers do not work out. I am no expert of this topic by any means of three failed relationships- that I will take the blame for.

But when I started to love the way that God wants us to love, unconditional, as I would want to be loved, and I return that same love back to others. That doesn’t make any of us perfect, but possibly real, the ability to share your feelings, and not be judged, but respected. I think this adds value to any relationship. The beautiful body will become more beautiful when we have grown old, but we see through the same tender eyes that have matured, experienced hurt, but also experienced forgiveness. I can see that the idea to love is better experienced for yourself, than through someone else’s life. Love is meant to be a shared life through all the muck that life will bring, and as long as we are together, it will be worth it all. We started with nothing in this relationship, and if we loose all the material things and keep one another — priceless.

I don’t pull all the fluff in Valentines Day that I did years ago. I do remember doing it for my daughters when they were teenagers by sending roses to school, to let others think someone secretly loved them, and I did and still do. I share Valentines Day every day with my gal, because I love her more than I can show, or ever say. So I do my best of it everyday!

I will not be a bad statistic ever again on love, I will put everything I have into it, and still give even more. It will not matter if she doesn’t try to over do me ever– because if I continue to press in closer to her as God presses into my life as a sinner — He still loved me. The Bible says while I was still a sinner, God loved me and made a plan for me to have a permanent relationship with Him in heaven. (Romans 5:8)

Well I need to end this and hopefully whatever thoughts you have on love or being loved, this has helped. If you are like me, don’t plan something phenomenal for tomorrow, unless you haven’t told them how much you love them Remember we were blessed with Valentines Day everyday, we just need to reflect that love better.

Prayer: Lord let love prevail, I come against all divorces that you bring love in abundance, as all of us want to be loved and feel love. I come against every form of evil that destroys love, what you created for us to enjoy. Thank you for our precious partners who love and forgive us daily. Amen

The Job Will Get

Description: We all have to-do lists that never seem to get emptied or completed no matter how we put our efforts.

Verse: And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you. Philippians 4:13 (AMP)

I have seen all type of do list and categorized in ways no one could replicate.But no matter how our list are structured without something lined-off or checked-off it’s just a list of stuff that still needs to be completed. I am certain all guys use the term, “Honey-To-List,” that amplified tasks that are wonderful brides are begging us to start – – someday.

What keeps any of us committed to make better attempts to cleaning these delayed tasks off the roster so new ones can be entered? For me, the words “You Promised Me!” Seems to get me moving quicker than normal. But, when I made a covenant with this beautiful woman many years ago, she should only have to ask me once, and my response should be, “sure babe, be glad to do that for you.” Instead we blurt something out that I don’t think we heard what we said, but others did.

Love is intentional and will do what others normally would not do in any situation. Because there is no commitment to the covenant we promised to a person. No matter how many excuses that this life can list, the bottom line is my covenant promise to my spouse, children, neighbors, employers and church family — the covenant commitment should be till death. No explanations.

I know I have said, “I am sorry,” till I am blue in the face and what responds more is action in my feelings with more actions. When I see how much it is appreciated, the tasks no matter how big, is relatively simple, and I admit to myself how stupid to not doing what she needed my help in. I can honestly say, “I am blessed,” because my wife never gave me an excuse to anything I asked her to do for me.

But let me take a little off your mind with your to-do list for this weekend: God promises us that he will get everything – – yes I said everything on His list for our lives. And every effort will bring the best or the good in us always. So if you are not experiencing some of things in your life, perhaps it is just around the corner, and you can be sure that God will complete His To-Do-List to above standard always.

So as your contemplating your list for this weekend, remind yourself of the covenant (promise) you made for those in your circle of life, why should they have to wait any longer — actions that show your love are remembered more than words. And if they asks, “why did you take the notion to do it today?” Just respond, “because I don’t want you to forget how much I love you,”

Prayer: Lord help us remember the covenants we promised to our loved ones, and reveal those things on our lists that will bring glory in our promises. Lord, I pray as we are faithful in our earthly tasks reveal to us how you’re doing things on our lists. Amen

Serving Others

Description: I love the mission statement at the hospital I volunteer in my community, “Fulfilling Christ Ministry.”

Verse:Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12 (KJV)

I love to go to my new job on Wednesday and Thursday every week. I am a volunteer at our local hospital where I get to welcome and assist patients get to their next destination. I love the job that has no compensation but great benefits every day.

It can be boring if I let it be, but I always have the spirit I would hope others would have for me , if the shoe was on the other foot. You see sometimes simple acts of kindness can bless you when you’re not anticipating anything. One day I showed a patient where she needed to go, and made certain she was going in the correct direction, and she came back and thanked me for being extra thoughtful.

It’s easy to speculate how others might perceive a tough season that their going in life, but I am certain a bit easier when shared with someone else who has a smile and willingness to help them get through a difficult moment or day.

I always think of What Would Jesus Do in this moment. I don’t look for comments or nods of appreciation but when you see the routine patients that are doing what they can to get through another tough day, I welcome them and make certain to smile real big and always tell them, “Have A Nice Day!”

Prayer: Thanks God for allowing me to help some nice people and some people who just didn’t like being hurt or not feeling good today. Thanks for allowing me to say silent prayers over them and showing them that you were with them by smiling big when they came in and when they left. Lord, I pray that each one of them today would be healed and not have to come back for treatment, but come back and visit the wonderful staff and volunteers and show their appreciation by just passing the “thanks” back to be given to someone else. Amen

Begin Where You Are

Description: Many times in this life, we get complexed or possibly lost, and fear grips us deep inside with one question, “Where do I go from here?” The simple answer that takes many of us forever is right underneath our nose –“begin where you are.”

Verse: “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

My wife will tell you nothing particular about when we are driving. I do not like to go in directions where I am uncomfortable. I like to always stay in my stable surroundings. I guess I am not the venturing time. Now when she drives it is not. Anything new for her to take a course that will reveal new things and many times directions that I wished I had known. You see sometimes risks are not all bad and can lead to good.

My other favorite story in the Bible is about a guy I am certain you will know – Job. The devil was having a discussion one day with God about his faithful friend Job. The devil I am certain grumbled back, “if you let me have a whack at him, I am certain you would see another fellow.” Well God gave the devil the limitations he could chase with Job, and the games began.

Job 1:2-3 describes his wealth as “He had seven sons and three daughters, and he owned seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen and five hundred donkeys, and had a large number of servants. He was the greatest man among all the people of the East.” And in an instant, it was all gone.

I love as well the analogy this man had about life, that he came into the world with nothing and will leave it with nothing. Even when we have lost everything we still have not lost the most essential thing in this life — and that is God. Sure we all will be tested and tried in this life, but if it wasn’t for these moments we would never see what we are made of on the inside.

We can hide from the world the true identity deep inside of us, but those that really love us know the truth and will stick with us no matter what the issue is. You could be in a difficult relationship, a job that is just unbearable, or your an addict and everyone in the world has turned their back on you, trust me no matter how bleak the situation God is in it with you all the way to the end.

Picture yourself in a race that will determine the prize in the battle you are fighting right now. How many times have you wanted to quit and just take whatever comes? How many of us have compared ourselves to others and just admitted, “I will never be good enough.” If we could see what is on the other side of the trial, we would keep on giving it all we had –wouldn’t we? But that is what causes everyone that has the courage to take what this life has to give not because we think we are better than anyone else, but because we know everybody goes through these periods in our lives and that just makes all of us normal. Did you hear that–normal?

Job didn’t quit and God rewarded him for his faith. And sometimes the reward is not material things. Having peace of mind doesn’t pay the bills, I get that but knowing I have the job and the strength to get there sooner or later is better than nothing at all. My brother reminded me a long time ago that there are lines of people who would trade you there problems for yours. God has always been faithful and if we doubt that, reflect on the last troubled time in your life, it did work out. Maybe not the best but, the things that we go through are for a definite reason–God wants you to rely on His provisions and His faithfulness.

So that is why I said, begin where you are and trust God will keep watch over you as He promised us in His word. No matter how big the mess there is a workable solution to any problem. We must be willing to stay through the process till we get the results that are needed with God’s help and the others He brings our way.

Prayer: God you are not a person who is only kind to certain people, your word says you love all of us, and will protect your children. Lord help my brothers and sisters who might be reading these words today and help them stay focused on the good things in this life and there is still more new things coming for them in this life. Lord for those who have wandered from your love, help them on their Damascus journey back home to you. Place brothers and sisters in their pathways that will show your love and kindness. I am certain for all the things that we are going through here on earth will be worth it all in heaven with you. Amen

Thanks For Life


Description: The Bible says, “Every good and perfect gift comes from above. ” James 1:17

Verse: Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15 – NIV

Every year brings a new celebration whether its a birthday or a special holiday. I am certain that what makes every special day more special — not just because we were part of that event, but because we were blessed to participate one more time.

My wife loves to watch the shows where medical professionals – they call Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) as everyday their shift involves helping someone escape as much as life itself because of a near tragedy or someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now will take a period of time before life will be normal again if they are so lucky.

I feel saddened as I watch along with her these episodes, when I realize that we seldom thank God enough for the miracle each and every day we miss the fates of this life, that could be only seconds in front of us without us even knowing that it was so near to anyone of us today.

I begin to see as we are blessed — or lucky whatever way you want to think of each day, its still has to be because someone greater than us has their eyes on us more than we know. Sometimes when we are faced with a difficult period in this life — reality becomes more clearer than it was yesterday or possibly even just a few moments ago.

I am thankful more each day of the gift(s) that I get to enjoy and share because of what I impart in this life and possibly what others participate without even my acknowledgement or input. To me these are gifts from God to share and enjoy — but what I need to do more — is THANK GOD!

As many face tragedy every day, every hour, and even every minute, we need to value each and everyone as it was the last one to enjoy and value, because it perhaps could be the last candle that you will blow out, the last dance you will dance, the last perfect hug to embrace, and the last warm kiss to be felt. Enjoy them all as they have to be true gifts from God.

Prayer: God I want to thank you for all the great gifts you have allowed me to enjoy through this life. I apologize for not saying adequately enough –THANKS. I am certain that isn’t enough for all the blessings you have allowed in this life, but I promise when I get to heaven and be with you on a daily basis, I am hopeful I will remember and smile, and say, “Thanks God, for that phenomenal moment, I know I couldn’t have had it, if it wasn’t for you.” Amen

Not Just Another Day

Not Just Another Day

Description: The Bible mentions that 70 years is a good life, and to celebrate if blessed with more years thereafter.

Verse: “There is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.” Ecclesiastes 3:12

On this great day I am on the leg of the last decade. I have been lucky in the sixty-one years to miss a earlier than planned trip to heaven twice. Once at birth as a premature young man who was told he would not see the next morning, but God had other plans and seven years ago when faced with melanoma cancer , He responded again with, “Not yet son.”

I have been blessed with so many things in these years and I will not bore those who have not been on the journey with me, but I am deeply indebted to a lot of wonderful people who have made this life a blessing.

I thank God for the wonderful daughters and step sons he has shared in my life and especially the twelve wonderful grandchildren ages 4 to 17 makes this old man’s face smile and cry when I look at all their pictures.

I thanks God for both the United States Air Force and Army where i enjoyed over half my life serving with thousands of phenomenal men and women and would do it all over again. I am so proud of all you that volunteer to put on he best wardrobe still in America.
I cannot thank all of you for all your gallant work, but you know who you are. I also want to thank God for allowing me to work in some other great organizations. Indiana National Guard Association, Indiana Guard Reserve, and the Indiana Committee Employer Support Guard and Reserve .

I cannot forget the wonderful trucking Company that challenged me and blessed me after the military Conway Trucking (XPO) for the wonderful years building some great relationships.

My Christian family continues to grow and the acknowledgment and encouragement I get everyday is nothing but just noteworthy to be blessed everyday. Someday we will join our brothers and sisters who have finished the finish line and given their rewards with a divine life and an eternity with Jesus. Oh, I can hardly wait!

Lastly I want to thank God for the most beautiful woman he gave me when I deserved nothing. Aileen Ellington you are a blessing and gift that not only continues to bless my life but everyone that encircles are life as well is blessed by your. Love and kind generosity. I love so much babe!

I have wrote my first book last year, that shares my addiction in this life and God rescued me. I will not toot my horn but will share a few comments from recent readers:

Rescued: Getting Help Before You Go All the Way Under

making this the perfect book for any man January 29, 2017
Rescued is an open an honest book in which the author (Ellington) shares his life of sexual sin and its consequences. His story is one of open truthfulness to his life experiences, but explicit candidness to the emotions he goes through in broken and destroyed relationships. As I read this book, I could not help but reflect on my own life and my own challenges. Sometimes I found myself pausing to really reflect at my own past. While some authors write books that share the privacy of their lives and go into every detail, Ellington has written in such a way that keeps his story moving. Ultimately he gets to the point, making this the perfect book for any man! This is an easy read at during a lunch break, travel flight, or quiet evening. Easily I would give this book five stars, but nothing is perfect as Ellington clearly shares in his story. Well worth the read!

If it were only a picture of what that life looks like and the pain and shame it brings November 20, 2016
A hard hitting, honest look at a life addicted to lust. If it were only a picture of what that life looks like and the pain and shame it brings, it would certainly succeed. Thankfully this book is so much more. It is a book of hope. While taking full responsibility for all of his actions, David Ellington shares his redemption and how he came through sickness into health.

David really lets you inside his head and the pitfalls in thinking that I think all who have suffered from addiction fall into (i.e. it’s not that bad, it won’t hurt me or my loved one that much, I deserve this indulgence, etc.). Even more important, he offers strategies and hope out of the mess. I think it took tremendous courage to write this and any courageous act is bound to impact many others .

I hope this will encourage others to pursue or share with someone that needs Rescued. The book is relatively cheap and if someone cannot afford, send me a message and I will mail a personal copy.

I am in training again with Higher Ground Ministry along with Aileen and some more of my great Christian friends to be a revivalists. Jesus is the reason I am living and I want to share Him with as many as I can with the allotted time I have left in this life.

I hope to meet more new friends in the journey ahead. The best birthday gift ever would be to know that many of my friends in the last 30 years of my life too, have found the prodigal journey to the best gift ever –salvation. Thanks for all that are doing their part in this world to make it a bit better, I have to get ready to go to work at Saint Francis Hospital where I volunteer two days a week blessing all that I can.

Prayer: Thanks for all the great blessings in this life and the many wonderful people who have supported me and touched me personally. Will you bless them Lord for me today? Help me to bless many others through my writings and personal touches. Amen