God’s Not Mine

Description: We are given a lifetime with no guarantees on how long this life will last — and then one day, time is up.

Verse: Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Throughout my life I have always kept one thought about my body. That this body was a temple of the Holy Spirit. Everything I did wrong to this body I was not showing my appreciation to the creation God intended from the very beginning. With the first creation, of humans, there bodies were flawless and they could eat from the garden that contained no added ingredients.

Do you ever wonder what your body would look like if you took more care of the vessel that contained the Holy Spirit? You might be saying that is only applicable for those religious people that call themselves Christians. But the truth of the matter each one of us has something deep inside that tells us that we belong to something better. It may be hard to believe but the small voice that makes many attempts to show how much you are loved is ignored or not taken seriously.

Well if we are not made special for just one purpose, why is there a struggle in each one of us to be different or resist to not being what the rest of the world thinks is a better option? Why did our forefathers leave their homeland to pursue the ability to do something different? Why is there so many different ideas and yet one simple one that we all chase after is love?

Back to the real story, we can come back to other discussions later, but if I ate right, slept the hours I was suppose to, exercised to keep my body in shape, wouldn’t I be happier with the results? I know my answer, but keep your’s close. If we are not happy, is there chances we can still make things better or better than they are today? Or are you like me, when you see everyone else you think, I am not that bad compared to others.

Well just like the first poor decision of eating an apple caused a lot of calamity on this earth and a lot of bad choices for a lot of us. I don’t want to think when they made the first juicy hamburger or cheesy pizza it was a poor choice, possibly just wanted to do something different. And the reality, I knew better, but I will admit why it was easy for many years was because of the discipline required in the military. There was a standard, and if the standard was not followed, there were consequences.

I will keep on working on my temple because God deserves a body that is able to keep on going. It may not be like the energizer bunny, but I will keep on going till he says, “Times up.” All of us have choices and if we examine the choices, we will hear that little voice a bit happier, and I am certain the two feet that has to carry us around will also applaud our efforts.

Prayer: My desire Lord is to please you always.I need some help today for some poor choices I have made along the way. I know the rest of me will be happier and it will also potentially help my grumbling spirit when you ask me to get up and get moving. Amen

Thank You God For Friends

Description: It is said that many Americans are fortunate to have friends. If you are one of these type people you are definitely blessed.

Verse: Jonathan said, “Go in peace! The two of us have vowed friendship in God’s name, saying, ‘God will be the bond between me and you, and between my children and your children forever!'” 1 Samuel 20:42

The surveys and polls that have been taken in the past ten years reveal that many Americans do not have any close friends. Latest polls reveal that 1 out of every 10 individuals said they have no close friends, It was estimated ten years ago, the average American would have 2-3 friends.

Social media is supposed to help us stay in touch with close friends or people we have shared life or adventures with, as we all know the writing a letter days are over. I was just wondering , How you send someone a Dear John letter. Sad even though I am certain the computer folks would think numbers were higher, but read on internet that 13% of Americans are not even using the internet.

If you are one of those individuals that have many friends– you are a blessed individual. It would be interesting to know what you feel that these relationships have been maintained over a long period of time. Many I am certain because of the things you both share or value in this life; clubs or associations, school, careers, churches, or just hobbies shared.

True friends are hard to find that will be with you thick or thin. What happens when something goes wrong that changes the values of the relationship? It has been stated that 7% of Americans have turned their backs on their friends because the recent presidential campaign.

When is the last time a friend came and helped you with a project? What did you do to thank them for  helping and listening to your concerns with this life? Today a friend came and helped me top three pear trees. Much bigger job than I imagined, but the cost to have a professional to do task — priceless. I could not stop says thanks enough. I am certain all of you can relate to where you helped someone or someone helped you. Either way blessed because of the friendship.

Prayer: God thanks for blessing me with friends like David had with Jonathon. I have been blessed multiple times. God please bless them from heaven till the blessings overflow their lives. Help those today who have no one gain a relationship with you that will last forever. Amen

God = Good

Description: In everyone’s heart we look for the good or true intent of this person. Sometimes we hear the phrase, “I know your heart.”

Verse:God looked over everything he had made; it was so good, so very good! Genesis 1:31 (MSG)

The Bible mentions the best example of a story of creation when God created the earth and all creation. On the sixth day, he said to himself, “This is good‘” Everyone of us use these same words in some fashion or similar when we have worked hard on a project and pleased with our performance.

But if our performance was not appreciated or well received by our peers, our boss, our friends, or our family rejects all our contributions and considers them – – not good. What then? Will we go back to the drawing board and self examine all the steps and see if perhaps something was left out, or even worse I didn’t have a clue what I was doing after all. Nobody’s perfect – correct?

God is the exception and I have witnessed many projects that were orchestrated out superb, and some that needed to be reevaluated or perhaps worse — thrown away. I am pleased that God saw the things he did as good and although he had the ability to see all the downward falls with creation, he never gave up on his project.

Even when things went the wrong way, he still believed that good would eventually come forth in new and phenomenal ways. But one day he observed that things with his plan needed more help than any of the earthly creations could bring on by themselves or in a collective effort. He finally made the ultimate choice, He sent his Son to earth to make things right and for His son to pay the ultimate price for all the sin (good things that turned bad) with a plan to offer all the ability to start all over again.

It was a great plan, a good plan –but it would still have the same draw backs that the first plan had. The freedom to choose what choice in every situation in life. God created his creation with free will to choose good or evil. And sadly, many then and many today still do not make good choices and many suffer the consequences of these choices.

Every day and every task that is at our choosing, we get to choose to do the right thing or bad thing. Sure you can ask others for their ideas, but in the end it will be only one person’s choice and no one others. Some choices are easier than others, but the bottom line is — still your choice. No one else can make it for you, and I am certain that if we have made more bad choices than good, others would love to sway you in their direction because of the impact of your choices.

There is victory at the end for all of us no matter how many bad choices we have made. Remember the apostle Paul who formerly tortured and crucified Christians. Until one day in a journey, he met God who asked him, “Why do you persecute me?” This man’s life was changed when he made another choice for his life, and follow Christ. Today all of us have that same opportunity.

Praise God, God is still good, and will be good forever. You and I can have the opportunity to partner with God and fulfill his original plan, by surrendering our will–to His will. Life will look differently from that decision forward. And just perhaps you will be able to look at that moment and say to yourself, “That was a good decision'”

Prayer: God thanks for loving me and a lot of people with a plan to step into our lives and create good again. Please forgive us for the messes we have made of our lives that unfortunately impacted others. I pray for your grace and mercy to be shown to all of them. Help me to show others that their is good choices we still can make in this life, and be part of your original good plan. Amen

Finding Hope

Description: In this human life we only have one hope — to live forever.

Verse: Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. Psalm 62:5
I am no unique than anyone else in this life – – I am human and not immortal, in other words fate one day will end this human life as it is destined. We all look for the fountain of youth gimmicks to prolong life a few days longer. We are appreciative of the medical technologies that have been vastly improved, but only God has the true answers about the challenges this human body is in a war not only after birth, but in many cases during the nine months of birth.

We all believe we know our bodies, but sometimes the tiniest details escape from us because of our finite understanding in things we still are looking for answers to life. Every time I go into the doctors office my heart starts to chase through my body – – wondering if I will hear good news or bad news.

It is true that this body is only here for a moment, and sadly the value of this life will be more understood after from those who are left behind me. But we do not have to accept this fate with a doomsday spirit. Sure there is test and more test and plunders of different of medications, but in the end what will it gain? Nevertheless we chase over any possible hope, even if there is no hope.

I always read what the potential side effects of medicine given to me by prescription, and if that isn’t scary enough the medicine is designed to help me. Today there is miracles, and some of them work, but the ones that don’t work is not because of an error, but possibly because all of the information that the doctor needed was not readily available– to me this proves that their is nothing for sure in this life — but to live it to the best possible.

My hope today is not in what my doctor can do to help this body to continue living a few more days, my hope is in an infinite promise. When I received the gift of salvation from God, because of His Son surrendering everything for not only my sins and wrongful doings; but the entire world too, has this hope and promise.

No I am thankful for all the wonderful things that medicine can do to allow us to enjoy this life with our loved ones, but the hope I have more is my life after with Him. That is a hope of life eternal with no pain, no death, no tears, and just a life more wonderful than any words could express.

My hope is in Christ — and for that I am sure a certain understanding of a perfect life and eternity with Him.

Prayer: Lord I want to thank you for the angels who are designed many times in medical professionals watching over us. I thank you that healing is in our hands just for the asking, as you paid the price at the cross for me and others to be healed. Most importantly I thank you for the hope of a better life after this one has been spent sharing you with the rest of the world. Amen

Helping God’s Workers


Description: We can be partners with others as they use their gifts for the Kingdom, by praying and providing for them financially and practically.

Verse: So they deserve any support we can give them. In providing meals and a bed, we become their companions in spreading the Truth. 3 John 1:8

In our verse today, we are encouraged to help those who share the gospel to others in any way. Many times we read stories how Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs to share the good news of the gift of salvation and how much God loved them. During their first trip of sharing the ministry, they carried nothing, other than the clothes on their back.

God provided everything they needed. He provided food, a place to rest and any other things required. We all know also that people were used to provide these essential items for each disciple. These people had been blessed by the words spoken, many were healed and some were even delivered from demons. Whatever the blessings the community received , they showed their appreciation and supported the ministry.

You may be asking yourself why would anyone bless someone they don’t know anything about? Let’s read the verses before in our text :

‘ Dear friend, when you extend hospitality to Christian brothers and sisters, even when they are strangers, you make the faith visible. They’ve made a full report back to the church here, a message about your love. It’s good work you’re doing, helping these travelers on their way, hospitality worthy of God himself! ‘ 3 John 1:5-6

When our family or friends come to visit us from their homes, we extend the blessings God has blessed us with to show the goodness and love of God. We trust that whatever we share or give away will be blessed and if needed, God will replenish. Yes I know this maybe risky for some, but when you trust you’re doing what is good and kind, God will bless your gift.

There are all kinds of ways that we can bless those who are ministering to us and our community. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Preparing a meal for the volunteer fire department.
  • Preparing a meal or providing a room for a visiting evangelist.
  • Preparing a meal or providing a room for bible school students visiting your church.
  • Preparing a meal for a neighbor who is grieving over a recent death.
  • Providing cards, magazines, flowers for a neighbor who is in the hospital.
  • Visiting a local senior community (nursing home) and possibly bringing some old magazines or some home made cookies.
  • These are all simple things to do even for strangers when we want to show them how much God loves them. But how would that make you feel if someone did something kind and you were in their position? Our verse annotates by doing this for strangers we are showing acts of compassion.

Look for ways to bless others and show God’s love. This will give all of us the opportunity to share our testimony and maybe make new friends in our neighborhood. When we don’t share our blessings– our gifts and talents, we are not only being stingy, we are being selfish. Everyday people are unfortunately judging us based on what they see us doing.

Share your blessings not only to extend the ministry of others, but also doing your part in spreading the gospel in your own community. You will be blessed by what you do, and God appreciates your partnership with Him.

Prayer: God open my eyes wide, so I can see the opportunities to bless in my family, community and my church. I want to share the gifts and blessings you have provided to me to show your love. Grant me the opportunities to share my testimonies with others and pray for their needs. Show me unique ways to bless those in the ministry so they can do your calling and my family can partner with their ministry. Forgive me Lord where I have been stingy and selfish. Amen.

Three Nails and One Savior


Description: The power of God to forgive,and forget is a powerful thought within it’s self, but to really understand that my sins are forgiven forever.

Verse: They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household.” Acts 16:31

Today I thought of the three nails that were used to nail Jesus – – Our Savior to a cross where he would pay the penalty for ALL the sins of mankind. I thought of these three nails:

Two nails would be used to nail each hand which reminds me that my sins will never be remembered they would be as far as the east is from the west – – Forgotten

He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. Psalms 103:12

The nail that insured that his feet were to the cross caused Jesus’s body to be flattened to the cross, and when lifted caused extreme pain and His body to feel the intent of this horrible death. His blood was spilled out for our Forgiveness

This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:28

These three nails not only made it possible for my sins to be forgotten by God, the blood spilled insured my debt had been paid and I could be forgiven. But the part that I appreciate the most is when I confess my sins and receive the gift of salvation, I have an opportunity to live for Him Forever.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Not that three nails had a difficult job that day, but it was the way that God saw the results needed for all of us:

Forgiveness assured the penalty for Sin was PAID in FULL.

Forgotten assured our sins would not be remembered when covered by the blood.

Forever is the promise we all can live with the one who paid the price with the three nails.

Possibly when you see three nails, you will be more grateful for the gift of salvation, His unconditional love, and assurance of a life with Him.

Prayer: Lord I could never say thanks enough for all you have and continue to show your love for me. Help me share the story of your love for all of us. Amen

Extravagant or Controlled Worship

Description: The cause of Christ pumping away in our veins should cause extraordinary praise to the Father.

Verse: Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth. Psalms 96:9
I long to worship Jesus as did the woman with the alabaster jar of perfume! Excessive, abundant, expensive, superfluous lavish, costly, rich, priceless, valuable… but many times I allow other things to distract my attention for my true desire to worship Him. Today as I read the story who expressed her gratitude in extravagant worship, she didn’t allow the things that were being said about her, to quit worshipping Jesus that day.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes extravagant as “wasteful.” This word is particularly grabbed my attention, for one of the most beautiful accounts of extravagant worship in the Bible is this story of how the gift of perfume from the sinful woman was considered “wasteful” by those around her. But as she poured out her costly perfume from the alabaster jar, she must have wished she had even more to give Him. As she poured out her tears in offering, He washed away her brokenness. As she loved extravagantly, He forgave extravagantly.

Jesus explained to those that day, her extravagant worship would be remembered by all in the days ahead. I know we are not supposed to be putting on a show when we worship, but do we allow control to keep us from pushing in all the obstacles, that surround us when we desire to push in and experience a phenomenal moment with God?

When I consider how much he took for me, I cannot place boundaries or things in that way. I don’t want to get out of His presence, I want to linger in it. I just bet if your friends saw this it would be like nothing that they could explain or justify. Does it matter? When we stand before the Lord to worship Him, we are to worship Him in truth. To do so, we must ask ourselves:
Question? Am I overgenerous with my worship? Do I exceed reasonable limits when praising Him? Or am I merely doing what is required, merely fulfilling the basic level of commitment?

I recommend something that possibly will challenge many of you in your relationship with Jesus. Take the one week challenge and worship Jesus in your quiet place extravagantly, letting everything, surrender to worship.

Friends, once you have entered this place of  true worship, nothing will ever take place. Nothing will ever be the same. You have nothing to loose, and much to gain.

Prayer: Lord everything around me distracts me from true worship to you. Lord I want to experience a relationship that is extravagant from anything I have done. Holy Spirit help me pass by all the controls that I have allowed myself and others to entering true worship with you. Amen