What Is God Speaking To You Today

Description:My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Verse: Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own. Jeremiah 33:3

We have a spirit deep inside each one of us that has the desire to communicate to us daily.This spirit is real, it is the presence of God by the Holy Spirit to allow us to hear God anytime we desire to talk to Him.

Do not think as a child of God that you cannot hear the voice of God. I will bet that all of us have heard that voice and wondered what was telling us to be careful, don’t do that, or just one of my favorites I love you. Sometimes we need to quiet all the things that are wanting our attention, down so that we can hear the voice of God.

There are other ways that God speaks to us. Most certainly we can hear from God through the word during a sermon, bible study or just a simple devotion that someone emailed you or text to you today. If it touches your heart and stays with you, it could be God speaking to you or just reminding you He is always there when you need Him.

Just think of all the words that you have sent to God when the day is not going good, or someone tells you bad news, or you’re just going through a tough period and we all have been there crying out to God, “please Lord help me.” God has never left your side in these desperate moments. The key that I have found out in my seasons of fear and doubt, God reminds me how much he loves me and I need to trust in Him.

I love the new song by Hillary Scott, Thy Will Be Done as it reminds me of a time when Jesus was stressed out about what he was going to have to do for mankind, and in the end with just a simple conversation with God, he told his father, “Not my will, but thy will be done.”

God possibly is speaking to you today in a simple way. Possibly you are afraid, and just like me trying to do it my way because I want to be in control. God knows us better than we know ourselves, and if we will just stop and listen to that small voice, it will bring the warmth and peace we need to get through another minute, hour or day, because He was there just waiting for us to call out to Him.

Like our verse today states, “my sheep recognize my voice.” God is ready and able to hear our situations, just open yourself to hear the voice of God. Don’t resist the spirit of God who loves you and wants to assure you that he has it all in his hands.

Prayer: God it was easier when I was a child to hear your voice clearly. Perhaps I have been trying to do this on my own to long. I am sorry, please assure me today that no matter what my situation, you love me more than anything. I want to hear your voice. It has been awhile, so please help me quiet everything down to get into your presence and have a much needed conversation. Thanks for reminding me that everything I am going through, you’re right here with me. Amen

Honk – If You Love Jesus

Description: Do you recall the times you saw bumper stickers that said, “Honk If you love Jesus.”

Verse: This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. John 3:16 -The Message

I have seen many funny, not so funny, disgusting and why would anyone put that on there car stickers? At first I was not one of those kind of persons who would display a sticker of any kind on my car as I sure didn’t want to take the car value away when trying to trade when the car no longer provided me it’s intended purposes.

But I have been told that many of these kind of displays represent who the person is driving the car. This may not always be true, as this person may have bought the car and they got to be labeled with out having the ability to say, “These comments do not represent the owner of this vehicle.”

As a veteran, sharing the branch of service, the rank, and sometimes the unit was letting the other members of the military family know you were one of them. If you think about it, I am certain that is why many display these various labels to identify some thing they are very passionate about or just want to deliver a message to others.

What I wonder sometimes, would they share these values personally or is this the best way to share there expressions without being seen or judged by anyone? Remember- this car may not be a true symbol of them, as they bought the car that way -with all those dumb stickers. Or is it possible if questioned, they are ashamed of who and what they represent.

Today in the world we live, specifically now with all the anger, racist, hate and violence, one would want to be safe about what they would be displaying about themselves. It used to be funny back in the day as many my age would remember. The thought of hippies and the Jesus movement, was cool and respected, as we were going through a difficult Vietnam war, and all of us was watching TVs to see if one of our family members died.

As we approach 911, I am certain everyone no matter what their gender, race, residency, age or belief; another horrific moment that all of us will never forget as displays of sorrow and grief were hung all over America.

The flag of every country could also display stories of grief, sadness and joy as many veterans know them as battlefield streamers of where a flag was present in a particular conflict or war. I still am moved everyday when I see my flag displayed in my front yard, because of not just being a Veteran – but a free and proud American.

One day many years ago, a man was nailed to a cross for wrongs that he didn’t commit. He took on the sin of the world, and hung there for the world to see. If that happened today the media and others would have displayed in various ways the reasons for this crucifixion. Today some of us hang this display of a cross in our homes, on our cars or where we don’t want to forget this moment that happened many years ago.

Have you forgotten why this was done, has it been so long ago when it had a special feeling or moment that you don’t ever want to forget? The movie, Passion of Christ reminded the world of this devastating moment that many Christians have forgotten, because possibly it is not easily displayed for us to remember of a man who died for the entire world to see because of just one word – LOVE.

His father wanted to not only make payment for a debt that no one could pay. A creator who wanted his creation to know that He still loved and hope for a good life. Today finding hope is difficult, but seeing a sign that displays if you Love Jesus, Honk, Like, Tweet or whatever is appropriate, just let God know that you love His Son and look forward to seeing Him real soon.

Prayer: Lord I don’t want signs to be hung or displayed to continuously remind me of how much I love you, what I want is my heart to always be looking for you in my day to show others in this life, there is HOPE but more importantly a God who loves them very much. Lord please here the honking in heaven to show our love to you today! Amen

I Just Don’t Say Thanks Enough


Description: God gave each one of us today 86,400 seconds, did you use one of them today to say, THANKS.

Verse: Hallelujah! Thank God! And why? Because he’s good, because his love lasts. Psalms 106:1

The God Ask”. It is a book that aims to give readers a fresh and Biblical perspective on personal support raising. In one of the chapters it talks about making a timeline of your life from when you started following the Lord until now, noting all the people and events that had an impact on your life. (The God Ask, Steve Shadrach)

I know occasionally I mention the word ‘thanks’ when I am wanting to quickly express gratitude to someone, but I don’t know if the appreciation for everything we have in life and all its blessings become a thought until time is ending in this life or we say good-bye to someone and hate ourselves because everyone is standing around sharing the accolades of their life, and I wonder if any of us took that opportunity to tell that person how much they meant to us while they were living?

Many times this small 6 letter word is used for the wrong purposes. We use it to get something for us, and when that special person does give us what we want, we don’t apologize for our selfish act. I know I have been in this position many times. And my friends heart was much bigger than mine.

Life is precious and as you read my confession and prayer today, I hope this causes you to say thanks to not only our Heavenly Father, but those he placed all around us to make this life as easy as it could possibly be. The 86,400 seconds you have today and possibly tomorrow should be used not only to show God in your life, but to encourage and thank others . When we speak love and encouraging words into the world it’s like magic dust this causes others to want to do the same. And who knows maybe it will stop the bully who picks on us everyday by saying, “I am blessed to be here by God, and I want to use every second wisely for Him today.”

Prayer: God, thanks for all the beautiful and wonderful things you give us. Some of them are simple like, walking, hearing, seeing, breathing, talking, playing, hugging, and kissing. This list goes on and on, but when I don’t get something I have asked you for, I forget all of the beautiful things you give me without asking you. I am sorry. Help me be appreciative of the simple things and the gifts when I least expect them. Amen

Description: Accountability is a gift from God to help us stay on the right path and live spiritually successful lives.

Verse: So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God. Romans 14:12

Everyone is called to be accountable in some way. Husbands and wives are accountable to be faithful to each other. Children are called to be accountable in their obedience to parents. Employees are called to be accountable to their employers and students are called to be accountable to their teachers.

Each one of us have been blessed by God with unique gifts to be used on this earth to help and bless others. I sometimes believe we take more credit for the good we do in life than thanking God for continuing to bless us with wisdom and talents that enable us to be good parents, employees, employers, teachers, pastors, and leaders everyday .

One day whether it be after our death or the judgement that God will have for all mankind, when this earth is no more, we will all be held accountable for our actions and words as our verse states in this blog.

The thing we all have is the mercy and grace from God who can remove any painful experience from our disposition with forgiveness when we ask Him to forgive us for what we did wrong to someone else. Sure we can learn from our experiences, but those mistakes should not be the same mistakes. God will forgive us every time we ask Him, but those that are surrounded by you may not be so easy to forgive your harsh words or selfish acts.

We are so eager to grow up when we are young, because we don’t like being held accountable for every mistake we make in this life. Just remember the person who was without sin, no mistakes, no harsh words, stepped onto this planet earth and surrendered His life for our mistakes–no matter what they were or how many we make. Jesus wants us to be like Him, but when we make a mistake, we don’t blame someone else, or ignore the wrong, we man up and show who we are in this life.

I have always had this saying–if you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. Here is the man who deserves the credit for what I have been saying for years on accountability for one’s actions.

If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing. Henry Kravis

Prayer: Lord, Keep me also from critical thoughts of others, and prevent me Lord, from having a spirit of control – or by pretending to hold others accountable to You when the beam in my own eye is greater than the speck that is in my brothers’ eyes. Keep me humble before Your throne of grace and may I walk the way of the cross day by day – with the Holy Spirit as my teacher and the Word of God washing me clean. Amen

Give It Your Best, He’ll Do The Rest

Description: Sometime we think we are not doing enough, but the question we should be asking ourselves, “Am I giving myself to God for Him to be glorified?”

Verse:Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30)

This title today is the best theme line that the devil will use against every Christian to bring guilt and condemnation. And also an effective defense tool to have Christians comparing themselves with one another.

God does not –I repeat does not need any of us, we need Him. The question is who are you wanting to get glory for your life, God or you? The more we are surrendered to Him for his plan and His way, we see the glory of God. God deserves the glory for all that he done to save our souls for the penalties that we were justified to get for our sins.

I want to give everything I have to glorify Him, but if my heart reveals that I want the attention, there is a remote chance that the results will not be the results we had hoped for in any situation.

God understands the complications in this life, and that is why he makes Himself available to remove all the stress we bring most of the times to our own situations. Two songs I love to listen to that keeps my heart in tuned with God. My Life Is In Your Hands and Thy Will Be Done. Both of these songs remind me that nothing is for sure in this life but one thing, God is and always will be there for me in every situation –good or bad.

Every situation we are in is an invitation for God to be with us in a beautiful way. When I find my weakest point, I know that Christ will help me to become what I need to be — because of Him. That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

God’s plan for us is always good, even when we mess up. He has the ability to take any situation and make it beautiful. But this requires us to allow Him to be first and us follow. He knows best for us always, and our trust in Him will be rewarded when we see and know that He knows best–no matter what.

Prayer: Today Lord help me be certain in some way that I am giving you my best, and trusting you to do the rest. The responsibilities in this life can be overwhelming, but you told me you would help me get through the storms of this life, and I am eternally thankful you are with me always. Amen



Description: The blame-shifting in the Garden continues today. Our proud hearts send us desperately looking for someone else to point to every time we’re confronted with our own sin.

Verse: Don’t let anyone under pressure to give in to evil say, “God is trying to trip me up.” God is impervious to evil, and puts evil in no one’s way. James 1:13

From the very beginning of our lives, we have wanted to blame someone else for our mistakes. There must be someone else—our spouse, sibling, parent, boss, co-worker, pastor, friend, or God, himself.

As our verse implies today, God is not responsible for our mistakes–or in plain words OUR SINS. Think about it when you confronted someone for doing something wrong and the person stands there making excuses and blaming others for the things which you observed or had knowledge they were responsible, but now telling you someone else did it.

The comedian Flip Wilson always portrayed the drama setting of a women who had difficulty in staying in control, and her response was, “The devil made me do it.” She did make a correct statement, but it was not the whole truth, just partially correct . She was tempted by the enemy of our soul, but she did not have to give into the temptation .

The snake in the garden was the enemy, who decieved Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, but she could have recalled the truth from God. It’s only about the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, “Don’t eat from it; don’t even touch it or you’ll die.”(Genesis 3:3) She told the serpent in the earlier verse that Adam and her could eat of any fruit in the garden, but the tree in the middle of the garden, they were to leave alone.

This should have reminded her of the truth, but instead she listened to the lies of the enemy and was convinced that the wrong things were now the right things. Don’t we do the same when we are caught in the act of doing something wrong, twisting the story that our listener will be deceived as well?

Why is it difficult to admit that when caught in doing something wrong to take the responsibility? Can you imagine what would have happened that day in the garden? Let’s pretend ourselves. There is no truth to this just acting.

God comes into the garden and cries out for his new friends, “Adam, Eve where are you hiding?” And they reply, “Lord we are hidden in the bushes, we are naked and afraid.” and the Lord replies, “Naked, who told you were naked?” And before we go to the most exciting moment God asked them, “Did you eat from the tree in the middle of the garden?”

At this point Adam and Eve think about there answers to God. Adam said, “The woman you gave me, told me to eat it.” And immediately Eve said, “The serpent seduced me.” God is now left what to do with the women and the serpent. But do you realize that the person who God put in charge of everything, responsible for everything in the garden was not taking any responsibility? And his wife who knew that God placed him in charge, was also protecting her husband, because she knew that the boss would not be happy with him not doing his responsibilities.

You would have thought these new smart people who received this new knowledge would have taken the time and saw that they had made great mistakes, and should have not hidden themselves from God but immediately been honest with him.

Because of our actions when dealing with sin, there is always some consequences for our lack of responsibility. We all have the opportunity before the action of doing wrong to walk away. Here is possibility what should have happened.

Eve is walking in the garden, and the serpent comes to her having a causal conversation, “Is it true you can eat from any of the fruit in this beautiful garden?” And Eve replies, “Yes that is partially true, all but from the middle tree, God has told us we can have all but not the middle tree.” Even as the serpent attempts to plead with Eve, she catches on to what the serpent is attempting to do to her. The serpent is trying to coax her convince her that she can do wrong, but she does not want to hurt her relationship with her husband who is responsible for her and the beautiful garden. There is only one thing she can do about this great offer the serpent is asking her to do. Eve immediately replies to the serpent, “No I do not want to do this, leave me alone.”

Sin will beckon us to do many things and we must not be lured into do what we know is wrong, we must immediately reply to this advance to sinful doing with one word, “NO, I will not do it.” The word says when we yield to temptation it will flee. No matter how alluring the offer is in front of you today, say no to it. And if you have done something wrong, don’t blame someone else for the choice you had not to do.

Prayer: Lord I wrestle with the temptations that this world has to offer me everyday. Help me to yield from every temptation and trust you have greater things for my life. Amen

A Child Of the King

Description: With Jesus as my Savior, I am a child of the King.

Verse: “I’ll be a Father to you; you’ll be sons and daughters to me.” The Word of the Master, God. 2 Corinthians 6:18

Today as I was cutting grass, an old song came to my memory. The song was called, Child of the King. I starting humming this song and it brought a deeper awareness of the identity discussion in a bible college class last night . The instructor was asking us all, “Do you know your identity as a Christian?”

She continued with saying, “If you understand your a daughter or son to the Most High King, do you really grasp who you are talking to, or when God is asking you to do something?” Most of us smiled at the question, but I know I really hadn’t grasped the complete application to her question last night.

If my father was a millionaire and money was no question, I understand thatI could ask him for whatever I needed and it would not be an issue. Why then is it difficult when are lives are turned upside down, that we can go to our Heavenly Father, and ask for his help. He wants us to ask Him for help. He delights when we call on His name for any type of assistance.

So I am beginning to understand some basic facts:

He is my healer, and I can come to Him when I need healed.

He is my provider, and when I need anything I can ask Him to provide for me.

He is my shelter, when I feel I am in a storm, He can shelter me and bring peace.

When I feel troubled, I can come to Him to find peace.

When I am lonely, He will be my comfort and strength.

When I am thirsty, He will provide me a water that will not cause me to ever be thirsty again.

When I have made a mistake, fallen from Him, I can ask Him to forgive me, and He will restore me.

I am certain the list can go on, but Jesus came to insure that we became the sons and daughters to the Father, through his sacrifice on the cross for our sins. We couldn’t do it. My dad is not rich, but he believes in the same God I serve, and we may not be rich here, but we have an eternal inheritance that will mean more than we can even comprehend .

Understand this we are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. We have everything that we could ever need in this life and more. Praise God I am a child of the King!

Prayer: Lord please help me grasp the identity that I have through you and the Father who is a King, that I should not have to worry or fret ever in this life, for I am a child of the King. Amen