Where are you aiming

Life is always about aiming ourselves in the right direction. Today after waiting through a light winter, it seemed it was the right day to see if my golf game hadn’t went to sleep this winter. Here in the Midwest the winter has been kind, and many of the duffers (guys want to play golf, but can’t), have enjoyed working on their games a lot more than normally. I had to wait as my partner (dad) , went through a surgery and the healing didn’t go well and today was the first day for both of us.

We weren’t aiming right or just excited to be out for the first time in three months. When we did something right, we would say, “See I did remember how to do it.” But when we missed a shot we would say, “Well I see that part of my game I haven’t lost, yuk!” We would just encouraged one another and laugh as we went and aimed ourselves for the next hole.

There is a hole we have to hit the ball over the water, about 150, but today it was windy, and both of us hit the balls in the air and right in the middle of the water we went. I was bound and determined to get that ball on the green, but 4 times no matter where I aimed the ball, the same results. My dad said, “Let’s just move on to the next hole.” We did and we hit good tee shots.

My dad said, “glad God helped me do that.” I replied, “me too, he could’ve been still laughing at me when he blew the wind each time and caused my balls to go in the water.” We laughed and I really didn’t care about the game as much as I did being out with my 78 year old dad. I always said, “Good shot, dad!” And he would reply, “thanks, wonder what I am going to do when I really get old!”

I may never be as good as a golfer as my dad, but I know he enjoys being loved and appreciated. I am thankful God gives me days like today as they are priceless. A few months back, it looked like Dad might not be able to play, but blessed both of us today. God help me keep my eyes on the right thing, I want to aim to please you first and be used to bring joy to others along this journey of life, that is what I aim to do. I know I will get misguided from time to time, but please help me as I don’t want to miss any opportunity you have in store for me.

A Small Boy’s Lunch

Matthew 14:15-20

Toward evening the disciples approached him. “We’re out in the country and it’s getting late. Dismiss the people so they can go to the villages and get some supper.”But Jesus said, “There is no need to dismiss them. You give them supper.””All we have are five loaves of bread and two fish,” they said.

Jesus said, “Bring them here.” Then he had the people sit on the grass. He took the five loaves and two fish, lifted his face to heaven in prayer, blessed, broke, and gave the bread to the disciples. The disciples then gave the food to the congregation. They all ate their fill. They gathered twelve baskets of leftovers.

So here we have a story of what one boy’s lunch provided to 5,000 males and is estimated with the women and children that day, could have been over 15,000 or more that a small meal of five loaves and two fishes. When Jesus asked his disciples to provide for this large crowd that day, he already knew that there was going to be a lesson that not only his disciples would remember but all the key witnesses who enjoyed the meal provided from a boy’s lunch that was blessed by Jeusus.

This large crowd,if food was readily available from a nearby restaurant would have love to cater such an event. This event would have cost the disciples over 6 months wages in that day and time. But notice, Jesus did not get anxious or worried about what was needed, he knew that the crowd that followed the disciples that day, were hungry and the day was getting late, and by the time many of them would travel home, there might not be anything for their need at that moment.

Jesus told the disciples to have everyone sit down and bring the boys meal to him. It is not said, but I wonder if Jesus told the young boy, “Thanks son for be willing to feed the crowd today.” And I am sure he just smiled and said, “Sure, no problem.” You have to also realize the disciples had seen the Messiah perform miracles and maybe was wondering what they would witness at this place for lunch.

You see God continues to take the ordinary person for his jobs, because this validated that we could not do anything on our own. I am certain also the word, got around there was going to be some fish sandwiches today for everyone. Can you imagine the first group being passed out bread and fishes, and no one of the disciples saying, “we can only give you one sandwich today as we want everyone to get fed.” Just the mere task of feeding this amount of people was no simple task.

In the military, I typically provided the logistics for the units I was assigned to. This including anything that the soldiers needed to perform their task. I have had the responsibility of coordination of supporting logistical needs for over 15,000 troops with our staff. So I know what this is for a day or an operation. To me, this had to be a site to behold for anyone, and I believe Jesus wanted to show everyone that day, “nothing is impossible for God, anytime or anywhere.”

Why do we who have witnessed his handiwork, still doubt his capability? Why do we panick when we go to God with a difficult or simple task, and immediately want to take the request from him, because we believe we need to do the task, or it is not being done by God in the time we believe should be done. Nevertheless, when we see his hands in our lives and others, we don’t need to be convinced anymore until there is another situation in our live.

The most important fact is that us mere humans can be used to help a crippling world. When we believe that our monthly faith pledge of $25 surely cannot make a difference, well maybe what we need to do the next time when we feel what God wants us to do, lift that gift to heaven and say, “God I pray that just as you blessed the loafs and fishes, you do with my gift to the need in this ministry, thank you in advance for being used for your service. I thank you in advance also, for the things that will be done for your kingdom. Amen.”

God uses all our gifts and talents for the kingdom, and we just need to be obedient when we are asked to help.

I Need Filled….again

With all the conversation in the past two years on insurance plans, we all wonder what the final verdict will be for what used to be simple, I either had it or I didn’t. If I didn’t have any insurance when I was sick or needed help, I simply had to deal with the basic truth….I don’t have any insurance, I cannot afford any insurance, and if I get sick, I will have to deal with it…..but what we don’t understand not everybody agrees about this issue in the same manner, and we are in the cross road where we are today.

Everyone has a solution, everyone has an opinion, but just like in the debates no one really has the “perfect solution.” I wish I had a dime when I made the statement in the past 40 years, “There is no one perfect, except one.” I wonder sometimes if those that I respond to, really are listening or just still searching for the answer to what keeps them from being filled with the “real truth.”

I love it when, David’s son, Solomon who became the king after him, God asked King Solomon, “If I could grant you one thing, what would you want.” You have to wonder at this moment here is a king, who was being asked by the Creator, son what would you want…..and his response was not fame, love, wealth, power, but “wisdom.” Why is that when we have the opportunity to have the truth or wisdom of something that we rather have the stuff that in due season, can fall away quickly?

Solomon wanted to be wise and be a good ruler, and he knew that only if he had wisdom could he do things in the best manner. With google, the internet, books, speakers and DVDs why would any of us lack anything as it pertained to the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time. Even evil has postings and information to help those in the world to be evil….why do you think the detectives siege computers and phones from the possible criminal? Because they want to know the truth, all of it they can find to come to the verdict of their investigation.

Today, I can admit I deserved more than I got, because I was not the perfect dad, husband, brother, son, neighbor or person that I really wanted to be. So as the word says simply, whatever you need from God, it just simply says ask….so my question if you’re going through a storm, if your relationship is in trouble, if you just lost your job, you need help from an addiction, or your just deep in it and NEED FILLED; God just simply says that his mercy and grace is new everyday.

Today is the day, that you can get what needs filled in your heart, your mind, and the situation in your life. Now my friend, when was the last time you and God talked about anything ? Have you felt sometimes, that someone was tugging at your heart and you just wasn’t ready to respond, or maybe possibly you thought you could do everything by yourself?  All of us need help in some manner or another, but just like your situation, it is possible that no one knows that you’re hurting, or maybe because you have been hurting for so long…you just don’t want to trust anyone.

But what we tend to forget, there is one that understands what we are going through, and is just waiting to ask us, “What is it that you want me to do?” Think about what your answer will need to be, and will bring what is best for you. Many times when I am fighting with an issue in my life, I find that many times, I am possibly the cause of the problem and did not ask God, “What would you want me to do about this?”

I am sure that many of us would admit the mistakes and wrong turns in our lives, were because we didn’t get all the information we needed. I always liked it when the kids and now grandkids asked for me, “Papaw/Dad what do you think I should do?” I felt so much honor that they trusted me with their dilemma and they hoped that I would help them with a situation. You see, our Father (God) likes it when we ask him of help, he doesn’t want us to aimlessly walk lost when the answer is right before our nose.He also loves that we trust Him with our difficult situations. But, he also knows that you have the “will or choice” to decide if you need Him anytime.

I am always blessed when the kids in my life come back and say to me, “Thanks for your help, I really appreciate you listening to me.” I then reply, “No thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.” Many times when I have surrendered a situation in my life, and being human feel that God is working on someone else’s problem a quiet voice will speak within me, “I have not forgot our conversation, I love the time you spend with me, it will be OK Son, I love you.” I am moved inwardly, that someone never forgets me or leaves my side. I may stray from Him, but he can keep up with me anytime and anywhere.

Lord, the world needs more help than anyone down here can fix. Even all the rich people in the world may make a dent, they could not provide an infinite solution to any of our problems. Lord, there maybe others that have not talked to you for along time, and they just don’t realize they don’t need an appointment, that you will fit them in anytime. Lord there maybe those who have not been filled with your love because they feel they cannot come to you for what they perceive is the right way to having a conversation with you, but remind them you have paid the price for anything and everything that they will ever do in this life. Let them understand as they stand on the corner of Mercy/Grace Street, you are there to walk the rest of the way in their lives and be their source for all their needs. Thank you Lord for showing them the same love you show me and so many others daily. Amen

Do you remember when

Do you remember some of your best memories of your past? Do you remember on Saturday mornings to get up and watch black and white cartoons on your television?Do you remember when you could buy a handful of candy for just a nickel? You could get a nice cold Fago drink for less than a quarter? Do you remember when you could fill your gas can for the push lawn mower for fifty cents?  I am sure some of you could remember when you could get a bag of hamburgers and frenchfries for a family for five dollars.

Memories are great to reflect on as they remind us how good life has been to us, but sometimes we forget where we came from. Do you really know what I am saying at this moment? The typical answer to this question, “Sure I came from my mother’s womb or I came from the love of my parents…..I cleaned this up as to many times the word sex is dirty and disgusting. But that is not the point, I wanted to have us remember we all came from dust.

In the book, of Psalms 103 is states that God doesn’t forget who we are and where we came from, “dust.” But we tend to forget we were a creation of God and get ourselves into trouble with believing the idea or rejection of the idea. But as I mentioned before the creator remembers. You see from the beginning of creation, the story in Genesis chapter seven, the creator took his hands into the ground and formed the dust into man and blew his spirit into live creation. So it would make sense when the verse says he remembers when.

Don’t you remember the nine months that your child was being formed, and the celebrated day, that your precious little one was born into this world?  Nothing would ever remove those memories, would they? Sometimes as we get older the memories remembered  the most is our childhood. So you can see the beginnings are remembered in many ways.

We would not want anyone else to take credit of raising our children, if this was not a true statement? So you can see where the Creator (God) remembers where it all started, and wants us to remember so we know who we can rely on, anytime we need help.

The bible also tells us when we die, we will return from the dust we came from. So the story of creation has a start and ending, the summary is if we “believe” in the creator we will live forever. As Fathers want their “children” to remember them, our Heavenly Father wants his “children ” to remember Him.



30 Days till we celebrate again

Over 2000 years we celebrate a blessed event, but sometimes we lose sight of the best celebration any of us really consider about celebrating. Yes you guessed it, we will be hiding eggs and making Easter baskets for our precious little loved ones.

I am excited about the new movie “Risen” as a soldier validates that this man called Jesus, who just got brutally crucified for all humanity, is now missing. For those of us who believed his  story of being risen from the dead, we all have a reason to celebrate in thirty days. Why was the man in white clothes not believed standing at the entrance of the tomb said, “He is not here.” Why would anyone doubt an angel? Not that anyone at that time would ask, “Sir how do you know this information to be true?”

No one challenged this story, but we do know that Pilate who sentenced this man Jesus, was hoping that he was just a man and the disciples had stolen the body. But the guards that were placed in charge of watching the body, were not harmed at all.It would’ve been better for those guards if they would have been killed.

There are many days we celebrate, but I doubt we take the story serious enough, that someone else took my place for not only my past, but my todays and tomorrow’s. Who in their right mind would walk into a court room and tell a judge, “I want to take his place for their sins. And he would not just stop their and say, “Judge I will stand in for all/mankind for all their mistakes.” The judge would reply, “Do you mean to say you did all the things bad for mankind?”

Jesus would reply, ” No your Honor, I didn’t but I will take their place.” Just as Barabus, another criminal, was let go who deserved justice, and Jesus took it all for us. If you seen the movie “Passion of Christ,” it reveals what this man named Jesus did for all humanity. I cringe and get emotional every time I see scenes of this movie, because I\we deserve to pay the price for our sins. But the good news, God never quit on his creation, and sent his Son to pardon our sins.

But soon the world of Christians will celebrate their risen Saviour. And this is truly a day to celebrate. Because this man who died “saved the entire world” of all the sins, past, present and future. Because of this we can rejoice. John said in the gospel, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life.”

So there is a reason to celebrate, we don’t have to wait till Easter to get his offer of salvation freedom from our worldly sins, we can accept this great offer this very moment. Rejoice with me in the greatest event this world can embrace, “He has risen and someday will come back for his family.”

Acts of Kindness

In a world that enemy’s like everything is flying by us, we seemed to get shocked or surprised by anyone stepping out and doing something nice for anyone. Guys women like the acts of kindness reminding them they are the beautiful women that God blessed us with.

We didn’t have any problems treating them extra special when they were the love of our lives and we would do anything for them. But sadly watch today, how many guys will open the door, offer their umbrella, pull out their chair, and potentially lead them go ahead of the line.

Women what about how you would go the extra mile with the clothes you wear, the make up, that favorite scent, or his special meal or favorite desert? Nothing was good enough for your man when you laid eyes on him for the first time huh?

What about the last time you showed an act of kindness to the elderly or disabled? All of these acts resemble hopefully if we were the other person, we would appreciated that simple act of kindness if we were the one receiving? But how do you not know that the simple act of kindness, you were entertaining an angel?

We all remember when we fell in love with the notes and going the extra mile But know that the love has progressed to years do you still surprise them with something reminding them their special. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU, is a great motto, just imagine in your office, or outing today you saw these simple acts of kindness shown all over the world. I am certain it wouldn’t be on the news but you would have something to talk about “nice” when you got home.

What if it was someone who did not have anyone to go home to, you would have placed a smile on their heart that might last a long time. “As you do unto these, you do unto me.” So what Jesus said, as you show acts of kindness, it’s the same as you did it unto Him.

So while you, sit there before getting back to work, or school, or back to cleaning the house, think of something you could do today that would show a simple act of kindness. You will not only be blessing someone, you might be surprised how good you feel. Thanks for showing the world there is still kind people who care.


Touching things impact lives no matter what gender, ethniticity, or age. We all like to be touched in ways that make us feel good. We don’t like when we get touched in ways that make us uncomfortable or cause us pain. But what about King Midas he had a special touch too, and for the most part was liked because everything he touched turned into gold. If we had that ability, I am certain that many of our friends would want to be your friend, cause you had something of value.

But what about the touch of a parent that brings peace and calmness to a child when they are scared or cannot sleep at night. Our granddaughter loves to have her head rubbed and arms scratched before she goes to sleep. My wife loves when I rub her shoulders as she senses the strength as she feels my hands. When we see someone on the street we haven’t seen in along time, we shake hands or embrace in a hug.

But the apostles or disciples were taught a different touch. Jesus showed them how to pray for those that needed healed, and many times, Jesus would give his hand to help them get up and start a new life because of touching them and healing them. Sometimes, he didn’t touch them, they struggled in their medical condition, like the women who had hemorrhage issues, and knew if she could just touch Jesus she would be well. She struggled below visibility of the crowd, and touched the hem of his garment.

He asked his disciples, “Who touched me?” The disciples replied,”Lord many in this crowd have touched you.” Jesus looked around and the women said, “Lord I did it, I touched you.” Jesus replied, “Your faith has made you whole.” Today many people who just like the woman, have pushed in to touching the hands of the Savior, they cannot see Him, but they feel his presence and know if they will push through the things that keep them from Him, they will have the touch they need.

I am certain most of us with our personal needs would rather have King Midas touch something that we could sell at the Gold Pawn shop, but this would be only temporary solution.  It may fix our “stuff” need,  but would it fix it permanently? When we touch Jesus it has an impact that will last forever. When you see or hear of someone that has been touched by Jesus, you will know as there is a glow that shows a touch took place.

So when we pray we are touching our hands together for someone that needs a touch, it could even be for ourselves or maybe someone else. The reason many of these faithful prayer warriors keep praying for areas that need a touch, is they have seen the touch in their live, or someone else’s. Aren’t you glad that there is a touch that is better than King Midas? One of his touches broke his heart, and I know that every person that Jesus touches will heal hearts forever. Reach out and get touched today!